Keeping track of 129 blogs

I currently subscribe to 129 blogs. As you can imagine this works up to quite a bit to read, and if I miss a day I'll probably end up with 150+ blog posts to read, since some of my subscriptions are quite productive.

My wife once asked me how I have the time to visit all these blogs. Well my answer was: "I don't". As most of you know a rss reader is essential when keeping track of many blogs. Since most blogs have quite a few comments to every post I sometimes visit the actual blog, but mostly I'm in my tool. The tool I use is Google Reader and on my iPhone I have MobileRSS. In my case Google Reader works like a charm. I've tried a few desktop applications but I always seem to come back to the web based reader.

To keep track of everything i have a quite simple system. I keep my the subscriptions in three folders named 1, 2 and 3.

In folder "1" I keep the blog posts I read every day. These are the interesting ones, and more importantly they are always interesting. I seldom scan these posting, I read them every time. Usually I'll find maybe 5 posts here every day, which makes it quite easy to read. Most of the blogs here belongs to friends or has in some other way got my attention. Interestingly enough no blogs about development made it here.

In folder "2" I keep the interesting stuff. I don’t have to read this stuff every day, but when I do I usually open every post and read a few lines to quickly determine if it's for me or not.

In folder "3" all other stuff goes. I usually scan the headers in this folder to see if the topic is interesting or not. I open some posts and read them but in the end i press "mark all as read" and I'm done.

The way I want it to work is that every blog has to prove itself to me. I usually start with putting them i "3" and if there good enough I'll just move them to "2" and so on.

Anyway, that my take on the whole blog reading issue. Do you have a better way?

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