Some useful keyboard commands on the Mac

One thing that irritates me is when I can't find the right keyboard combinations for my favorite commands. I can tell you right away that the copy, paste, regret, mark all, save and other simple commands are a real pain on the Mac when comming from a PC. I'm used to the ctrl button on the end of the keyboard and then Z for regretting the latest command. On the Mac most of these commands still work but now in combination with the cmd button, placed next to the SPACE-bar. This makes the combination very hard to make using my left little finger, since I'm used to the ctrl-button. I've had my Mac a couple of days now and I have made this misstake a hundred times.

Before you hit me with "get used to it" I know this i just something I have to learn. But I still think it's annoying.

Anyway some other useful keyboard commands are these:

ENDcmd + right arrow
HOMEcmd + left arrow
END OF PAGEcmd + up arrow
BOTTOM OF PAGEcmd + down arrow
PAGE UPctrl + up arrow
PAGE DOWNctrl + down arrow
STEP ONE WORD RIGHTalt + right arrow
STEP ONE WORD LEFTalt + left arrow
BACKSLASH \shift + alt + 7
PIPE |alt + 7
[alt + 8
]alt + 9
{shift + alt + 8
}shift + alt + 9
$alt + 4
@alt + 2 (pretty obvious)

fn + alt + ¨ (the key left of ENTER)

Commands on a Virtual PC or Remote Desktop PC

ENDfn + right arrow
HOMEfn + left arrow
PAGE UPfn + up arrow
PAGE DOWNfn + down arrow
STEP ONE WORD RIGHTctrl + right arrow
STEP ONE WORD LEFTctrl + left arrow
BACKSLASH \ctrl + alt + + (the key right of zero)
PIPE |right alt + < (vmware)
[ctrl + alt + 8
]ctrl + alt + 9
{ctrl + alt + 8
}ctrl + alt + 9
$ctrl + alt + 4
@ctrl + alt + 2
ctrl + alt + ¨ (the key left of ENTER)

I'll probably update this post acouple of times with other useful commands, so please check back. I know I'll check back every now and then before I've leart all this stuff.

Got some other tips? Please post a comment.

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